mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011

She's a socks maniac

Ok then, i have to admit to myself that this fall/winter i'm so obsessed by socks and tights how i've never been before!Yesterday i found this catalogues on internet and i think that by the week i'm gonna get them!:)
How do you like them?Any suggestion?:)

Ok devo ammettere a me stessa che non sono mai stata ossessionata da calzini, parigine, collant e pantacollant come questo autunno/inverno!Ieri ho fatto un salto da Calzedonia e Golden point e ho rubato i cataloghi e....ecco qui le cose di cui mi sono innamorata!Entro la fine della settimana saranno miei!:)
Cosa ne pensate?Suggerimenti?:)

(first and second picture are by CALZEDONIA: the first pair very classy and with a little bow that makes the difference, the second so special and wild i guess, i'm still not too sure about it but i keep thinking of them and this is a good sign, what do you think?should I?)

(Those are Golden point and i love the one on the right with that silk band on the side, but i don't like the one on the left, i don't like "fake jeans" at all!)

(Both Calzedonia and both pretty wild i would say:))

..Trace my heels<3


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